Our mission is to help businesses develop enduring leaders for a fast-changing and complex world.

Achieve “Force Acceleration

By definition, leaders are force accelerators – those with the power to elevate and enhance performance throughout all organizational levels. Consequently, every success, every failure, is rooted in the quality of leadership guiding an organization’s decisions, actions, and results. For enlightened businesses who see the unlimited value potential at stake, NextGen Leaders is a leadership development advisory that equips organizations with the enduring leadership competencies required to continuously optimize performance in a fast-changing and complex world.

The NextGen Leaders Advantage

NextGen Leaders’ difference is the diverse perspective we harness to fuel unquestionably prosperous leadership development journeys. Our solutions leverage break-through insights from academia, the military, MBA students, and decades of practitioner experience with some of the largest and most successful companies in the world. Additionally, we provide a wide-range of leadership development delivery models, spanning classroom, experiential, consulting, and coaching solutions. This range of insights and solutions ensures our customers receive the most informed, practical, and sustainable leadership development programs that equip their teams with the skills required to successfully conquer business’ demands today – and the future. 

We are a unique alliance of experienced leaders, coaches, and experts in leadership development.

Meet Our Team

Sail boats lined up in a marina, including one marked "Magic."

Defense Industry Manager

I felt that a powerful takeaway was to be very deliberate about challenging assumptions.

Government Agency HR Leader

I became aware of how "unobservant" I am when I am following or leading. I realized the act of observing is in itself a powerful contribution and can lead to a greater insight.

IT Services Consultant

The leadership challenge put me right into a situation that always challenges me as a leader: not knowing all the facts or having a coordinated plan while people are running off!

Business Advisory Firm Consultant

This event offered a great insight into some of the challenges my team faces.

State University Professor

This course has changed me, and I continue to change as each week passes.

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