Do you know your Mission?

This week in our Leadership development class we worked on developing our personal Mission statements. This is truly one of my favorite classes as the Missions that emerge are uplifting, amazing, and heartfelt. Last night, as students shared their Mission, I could feel the energy in the room heighten, I could see the look in the students’ eyes of a new respect for each other, and I sensed a commitment, a resonance to the Mission, as it was stated for the first time for the entire class to hear.

These are our future leaders — the ones who will lead us through the tough years ahead of saving the planet. The Missions expressed by these students assured me that we are in good hands.

Having a Mission serves as a compass, a reason for being, something to make us get up in the morning full of energy and hope, and it sustains us as we face tough challenges.

My Mission is “To discover potential, create opportunities, and live with purpose.” What is your Mission? Are you ready to write your Mission Statement?