Mission Statements — 33 mission statements from leaders 33 and under

One of the most impactful experiences  for me as an Adjunct Professor of Leadership Development is to help the MBA students write their Mission Statements.  For many, it is their first time.  We follow a simple process that helps them craft a statement that is compelling, succinct, and truly represents who they are in this world.  I am inspired by this year’s summer class and their Mission Statements.  I am sharing with you the amazing Mission Statements from this class of 33 leaders.   I am convinced our future is in good hands after reading these Missions.   I hope that you will also be inspired to search your soul, identify your most important values, and write your Mission for your work and your life.

Mission Statements Summer MBA Class in Leadership Development, University of Maryland, 2011

  1. To constantly improve: I learn new things, solve hard problems, own my mistakes, and dream.
  2. Model integrity, create joy, and explore truth.
  3. To lead with honesty, dependability and respect, to inspire others and myself towards personal and professional innovation, and to find happiness through creative achievement.
  4. My mission is to live, love, and explore.
  5. To foster, nurture, and enhance relationships of respect, openness, and authenticity.
  6. Bring joy to others, master self, laugh and love.
  7. To create change and positively impact the lives of others.
  8. Embrace today, affect tomorrow, while supporting my family.
  9. Learn to grow, educate to inspire, and earn to give back.
  10. To have a positive impact on people by offering my empathy and loyalty and sharing my strength with others.
  11. My mission is to nurture my family and community, model joy, and find goodness in the world.
  12. To create, inspire, and connect with positivity.
  13. To dream of what to achieve, pursue knowledge and growth, and truly cherish family.
  14. Have the courage to always live my values and help others identify and live their full potential rooted in purpose.
  15. Appreciating the familiar, exploring the unfamiliar, and discovering inner-peace.
  16. Seek to understand and support others in their endeavors.  Always act with fairness, authenticity and sincerity.
  17. To foster happiness, act with sincerity, and strive for excellence to improve the quality of my life and those around.
  18. To inspire innovation, lead with excellence, and enable dreams
  19. Encourage and support empowerment and openness in myself, others and the society in order to achieve harmony and experience life fully.
  20. Strive for excellence as well as motivate and influence other people through example and experience.
  21. To create collective energies through integrated multidimensional partnerships and help others discover their innovative strengths.
  22. To foster meaningful relationships by listening, supporting, and cheerfully motivating.
  23. Grow Everyday, Serve Everyone and always Remember the Humor in Everything.
  24. Live honestly, Lead by example and Learn from every situation.
  25. To inspire, motivate and develop leaders through self-discovery to maximize their full potential.
  26. Pursue discovery, cultivate laughter, and nurture a sense of wonder.
  27.  Discover the best in people, and provide the best of myself in all tasks big and small while appreciating adventure, and balancing improvement with pleasure.
  28. To serve with integrity, promote inclusiveness, and inspire healthy living.
  29. To dream, play, and create innovative excellence in all phases of life.
  30. To renew my creativity, write perfect stories, and affect others’ philosophies.
  31. Live by faith, love by action, effect by example.
  32. Live a purposeful life that I can look back on knowing I enriched the lives of others with humor and love, challenged myself to continually grow mentally and physically, and positively impacted the world through acts of selflessness and humility.
  33. To demonstrate optimism, and motivate persistence through learning and knowledge; To inspire hard work and provide opportunities for my family, friends and those that surround me.