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A Diverse Perspective on Leadership

Leadership excellence distinguishes winning, flourishing businesses from the mediocre, floundering, or out of touch. Representing a unique alliance of experienced leaders, coaches, and experts, NextGen Leaders is a ground-breaking leadership development advisory. Together, we provide the most informed, actionable, and sustainable leadership solutions to businesses seeking competitive success in a fast-changing and complex world.

Carol on Fearless

Carol Graser


Carol has a passion for discovering the untapped potential in people and organizations.  Carol has held leadership positions in IBM, HP, Marriott and Caterair.


Erica at the NY Marathon

Erica Hoffman


Erica has coached all levels of the workforce, from senior executives to individual contributors. She helps clients become better communicators and achieve a greater sense of purpose and balance in their lives.


Claudia on an Experiential Learning adventure

Claudia Coe


Claudia Coe's deep commitment to leadership development grew through her experience as co-owner of a group of radio stations, international coaching in Africa, and leadership development work at the USNA since 2003.


Executive Coaching

Neil A. Stroul


Neil is an extraordinary leadership coach and one of the co-founders of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program. Trained originally as a psychologist, Neil blends more than 25 years of experience in organizational consulting and the perspective of applied psychology to help executives build their leadership capabilities.


Defense Industry Manager

I felt that a powerful takeaway was to be very deliberate about challenging assumptions.

Government Agency HR Leader

I became aware of how "unobservant" I am when I am following or leading. I realized the act of observing is in itself a powerful contribution and can lead to a greater insight.

IT Services Consultant

The leadership challenge put me right into a situation that always challenges me as a leader: not knowing all the facts or having a coordinated plan while people are running off!

Business Advisory Firm Consultant

This event offered a great insight into some of the challenges my team faces.

State University Professor

This course has changed me, and I continue to change as each week passes.

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