What DOES leadership mean to you?

We are in the final week of our Leadership Development class, coming to the end of this chapter on your personal Leadership journey.  We have studied, discussed, and practiced many techniques to improve one’s leadership: defining your mission; developing new rituals to ‘fuel the fire’; learning about leadership from the Navy SEALs; giving honest feedback; coaching each other using the GROW model to prepare you to coach team members; dealing with conflict and controlling the Amgydala hijack; engaging in  powerful conversations; building resilience; mapping your network; understanding the Gen Y challenges; noticing the behaviors and culture that lead to Enron-type downfalls; and overcoming “Nice Guy” behavior.  Along the way we have learned from each other as we shared our stories of leadership in our organizations and our challenges.

On the first day of class, you answered the question “What does leadership mean to you?”  Now, after 14 classes on leadership development over 8 weeks, I will ask the question once again, along with two additional questions:

1)  “What DOES leadership mean to you?”

2)  How will you ensure you will be happy in your career?

3)  What will you do to stay fully engaged in life?